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External Signal Cape

NEW: External Signal Cape for Beaglebone

Protect Beaglebone® when connecting it to Your design! Our "EScape" fits to BeagleBoneBlack, is equipped with level-conversion and protection elements and adds some useful things like RTC and dual mikroBUS slots.

More info about project status in our Blog
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LED-Adapter WHITEtape-WT6

Replacement for DRAGONtape® - DT6 now available!
We developed a compatible thin substrate pcb equipped with the original OSRAM High Flux LEDs.

Detailed information on our german website ...


SMD-Adapter-PCBs for rapid prototyping

sometimes You have to check a special circuit which
is available in its surface mount footprint only.
our inexpensive adapters can help ...


Serial Debug-Adapter for 3V-Systems

low-voltage EIA-232 levelconverter
for adaption of serial uC-datalines
optional reset signal für targetsystem ...



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